Mullin Welcomes Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Jack Reed to Tour Oklahoma’s Military Installations

Over the weekend, U.S. Senator Markwayne Mullin (R-OK), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC), hosted U.S. Senator Jack Reed (D-RI), the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, on numerous Oklahoma military installations to better understand current needs and future readiness of the installations and their units.

On Friday, Senator Mullin accompanied Chairman Reed on visits to Tinker Air Force Base (AFB), U.S. Army Fort Sill, and Altus AFB. On Saturday, Senator Mullin and Chairman Reed visited Will Rogers Air National Guard Base and McAlester Army Ammunition Plant.

“The Senate Armed Services Committee often represents the best of Congress,” said Senator Mullin. “While Chairman Reed and I don’t agree on every policy issue, he is a reliable and trustworthy leader who sets the tone for strong bipartisan work on behalf of our men and women in uniform. It was a pleasure to have Chairman Reed in Oklahoma today to see firsthand how our state is training world-class Airmen, National Guardsmen, and Soldiers, equipping our national defense efforts, and modernizing our armed forces. As we work to appropriate funds in our annual defense bill, I’m confident that the Chairman not only understands Oklahoma’s defense needs but sees the value of investing in Oklahoma’s installations to strengthen our military communities and our nation. I look forward to working alongside Chairman Reed over the coming months to support and protect Oklahoma’s proud military legacy.”  

“I appreciate Senator Mullin hosting me to see the remarkable work being done at Tinker, Ft. Sill, Altus, and McAlester Army Ammunition Plant. Oklahoma has a long history of bolstering U.S. national security, and it was an honor to speak with the exceptional military servicemembers and civilian personnel we met today. I salute Senator Mullin for his bipartisan commitment to America’s warfighters. When it comes to equipping our defense industrial base, Oklahoma will always be a vital partner,” said Senator Reed, a West Point graduate and Army veteran who served as an infantry officer in the 82nd Airborne Division.

Senators Mullin and Reed began their Oklahoma tour at Tinker AFB, where they received a briefing on the Air Logistics Complex and update on the KC-46 alongside Brig. Gen. Brian Moore, Col. Abigail Ruscetta, and Col. Kenneth Voigt. They also visited with the 552nd Air Control Wing to discuss E-3 operations and preparations for fielding the upcoming E-7.  Senator Mullin and Chairman Reed visit Tinker AFB. Click HERE for more photos.

The Senators then toured Fort Sill, where they spoke about lessons from the ongoing Ukraine conflict and how the Army is working to support the U.S. defense industrial base. They also got an update on 434th Field Artillery Brigade (FAB) basic training and witnessed live fire demonstrations. They concluded the visit at Joint Counter UAS University (JCU) to discuss modernization efforts and how the military is training future warfighters to combat emerging threats. Senators Mullin and Reed were joined by Maj. Gen. Winston P. Brooks, Command Sgt. Maj. Neil H. Sartain, Mr. Joe Gallagher, Deputy to the Commanding Gen., and Brig. Gen. Curtis W. King, as well as Col. John M. Barefield, and Brig. Gen. Shane P. Morgan. Senator Mullin and Chairman Reed visit Fort Sill. Click HERE or more photos.

Senator Mullin and Chairman Reed ended their Friday visits at Altus AFB, where they received an 97th Air Mobility Wing mission brief and visited Hanger 285 and KC-46 Static. They spoke with Altus leadership, including Col. Jeffery M. Marshall, Col. Adam H. Rosado, and Chief Master Sgt. Justin R. Brundage about their continued support for Air Mobility assets and KC-46 manpower. Senator Mullin and Chairman Reed visit Altus AFB. Click HERE for more photos.

On Saturday, after spending the morning at Will Rogers Air National Guard Base, the Senators had a productive visit at McAlester Army Ammunition Plant (MCAAP). They toured 813 Outload operations and were briefed on the B175 and 117B. Senators Mullin and Reed then traveled to the MCAAP Multi-Purpose Load Facility (MPLF) for a mission overview, followed by a HAWK Missile tour. Senator Mullin and Chairman Reed visit MCAAP. Click HERE for more photos.

“McAlester Army Ammunition Plant and the Joint Munitions Command are laser
focused on modernizing our capabilities to support Joint Force requirements,” said COL Gabe Pryor, Commander of MAAP. “Our $60M dollar Multi-Purpose Load Facility that we will complete this
summer is a great example of what the McAlester artisan workforce can do to
deliver increased capability, on time and under budget.”

Background: Congress is in the process of developing the FY25 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), a critical annual defense bill which funds our military and national security needs. In last year’s FY24 NDAA, Senator Mullin secured $152 million for Oklahoma’s military installations, and over $122 million in funding for Oklahoma’s higher education aerospace programs and defense industry partners. Note: Additional professional images from the tour may be available pending DOD approval.