Mullin Visits Ardmore Following Michelin Plant Closure Announcement

Oklahoma City, O.K. – Today, U.S. Senator Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) visited Ardmore to meet with community and business leaders following Michelin’s recent decision to shut down their Ardmore facility by the end of 2025. Mullin spoke with Ardmore Chamber of Commerce President Bill Murphy, Ardmore Mayor Sheryl Ellis, Ardmore City Manager Kevin Boatright, and others to hear their concerns following the plant closure announcement and discuss future economic development in Ardmore.

As a business owner himself, Mullin spoke to some of the challenges of growing small businesses and the importance of investing in current and future Ardmore job creators to drive further success in the region.

“Neighbors help neighbors – it’s the Oklahoma Standard,” said Sen. Mullin. “We’ve been in touch with Ardmore leadership every step of the way, and my team and I will remain at the table to aid economic impact and recovery. At this early juncture, it’s important for us to meet with members of the community and chart the best path forward for the plant’s 1,400 employees and discuss how we can incentivize growth for the local economy. I was encouraged by the spirit of Ardmore’s leadership and business community and look forward to continuing the conversation.”

“When you go through a hard time, you want to know someone has your back,” Sen. Mullin concluded. “We will stand together to uplift the Ardmore community, drive new and existing business, and work towards a stronger, more resilient economic future for Oklahoma.”

“Strengthening Ardmore’s economic future requires all hands on deck,” said Bill Murphy, Ardmore Chamber of Commerce President. “Losing the Michelin plant is a big loss, but it’s an opportunity for us to grow our existing businesses and hopefully welcome new investments. I’m grateful to Senator Mullin for taking the time to partner with us to form a stronger southeast Oklahoma. I’m confident the Senator will remain an important part of this process.” 

“We were visited by Senator Mullin today and had conversation about the economic effects for the approximate 1,400 Michelin employees who will lose their place of employment and the effects that will have for south central Oklahoma,” said Ardmore Mayor Sheryl Ellis. “We appreciate him taking time to visit with us about the future without Michelin and his offers of assistance to our community.”

Note: Due to the scope of the Michelin Ardmore Manufacturing facility closure, workers may be eligible for grant assistance through the U.S. Department of Labor to help qualifying Oklahomans find job openings, access training, and other career services. Impacted workers should contact Senator Mullin’s office if they have any questions.