Mullin Addresses Energy Security in SASC Hearing: “U.S. energy independence brings on global stabilization”

Today, U.S. Senator Markwayne Mullin (R-OK), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, highlighted the importance of American energy independence during a hearing about global security challenges and strategies.

During his remarks, Senator Mullin questioned the Biden Administration’s readiness regarding threats of energy warfare and emphasized how the United States must use domestic production to stand strong against hostile adversaries.

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“I’ve said this multiple times, U.S. energy independence brings on global stabilization. People want to do business with the United States.

Dr. Hill, you made a reference that we should be trying to help our allies more with food, fuel, and fertilizer. The problem is, underneath this current administration, there’s a war on energy. The president commented just recently that he’s wanting to eliminate fossil fuels within 10 years. It causes problems with our allies…If we cut fossil fuels, you’re going to damage food supply.

As a rancher, someone that produces protein for the American people, I can’t run our tractors and our semis on electricity. If I could, it would cost two to three more times to buy that product. Fertilizer – we saw the effects of that last year… [Energy warfare] would have to have adverse effects on our allies because they would have to depend on someone else for their [food supply].”